Hair Styling

A new hairstyle can make you feel a brand-new you. Empower yourself, feel beautiful and ensure you grab attention with a new hairdo. We offer a professional hairstyling service and have dozens of styles to choose from. We will also ensure we adapt any style to suit your face shape.

Whether this involves a hair-cut or a restyling, our fully trained beauty therapists will create the hairstyling you desire.

The very process itself is relaxing and rejuvenating and will result in you emerging from the salon feeling a new version of yourself.

Hair Cut

Boy Cut

Step Cut

Layer Cut

Raiser Cut

Feather Cut



U Cut

V Cut

Deep U

Blunt Cut


Hair Colouring

Treat yourself to a change of hair colour using our professional hair colouring service. Whether to cover grey, to bring more intensity to your hair colour or to try something totally different, we will ensure you leave Green Dew with an impressive, head-turning result.

For hair colouring, we only use the best quality and branded products to ensure you achieve the hair colour you want without sacrificing anything in hair quality. We can also advise you on the hair treatments that will maintain your hair condition and colour, keeping it bold and shining.

Ombre hair colouring

To keep up with the latest in hair trends, opt for ombre hair colouring. By gradually lightening the ends of your hair and tapering off this colour to the root, a lift of colour and interest is added in a way that appears natural. This is a hair colour treatment growing in popularity and is seen modelled by celebrities the world over.

At Green Dew, we have the expertise to professionally offer ombre hair colouring using only the finest quality products and ensuring your hair is not weakened or damaged?

Hair Highlights

Add some lift to your hair with our expert highlighting service. Hair highlights can transform your look, emphasizing your best facial features and brightening the look of your skin.

Using the best quality and internationally branded products we will lighten sections of your hair ensuring not to damage or weaken your hair. Following hair highlighting with a conditioning treatment makes sure to lock in moisture and maintain the colour. Our salon professionals are highly experienced hair specialists and will offer you only the best highlighting service.

Hair Lowlighting

Adding lowlights to your hair can be an excellent way to soften and add texture to your look. Lowlighting involves adding darker sections of colour to your natural hair. It is possible to add lowlights and highlights together to create a stylishly varied look.

A beauty therapist at Green Dew will discuss the look you want to achieve and using only the best quality products will create a gentle lowlights that will blend expertly with your natural hair colour.

Hair Streaking

Whilst highlighting or lowlighting can add subtle change to your hair, hair streaking offers something a little bolder. Hair streaking involves adding colour to larger sections of hair so there is a stronger level of colour contrast. Hair streaks can be applied in any colour and concentrated in any area depending on the look you want to achieve.

At Green Dew, a fully trained beauty therapist will discuss the options for streaking with you. They will create the desired effect using the finest quality dyes that will not damage the structure of your hair.

Hair Henna

Use natural henna to add richness and lustre to the texture and/or tone of your hair in a more traditional way.

Natural henna will not alter the colour of your hair but will intensively condition the hair making is thick, glossy and healthy. It also adds strength to each hair strand and prevents future breakage.

Burgundy henna will give you the same hair conditioning results as natural henna but will also add tones of red that blend with your natural hair colour. Burgundy henna is not a solid colourin itself but is translucent so it will blend with your natural hair colour to create an effect unique to you.

Because all henna is natural you can achieve thick, lustrous and healthy hair, with shifted colour without using any harsh chemicals.

Hair Treatments

Give your hair what it needs with our comprehensive choice of hair treatments. At Green Dew, we are proud to offer an impressive selection of hair treatments using quality products. Hair treatments may involve hot oil massage preventing dryness and stimulating growth using your choice of oil, a specialized treatment to prevent hair-loss or an anti-dandruff treatment.

We offer a highly personalized hair treatment service, taking your specific hair needs into account.

Oil Massage

Anti-Dandruff treatment

Hair loss treatment

Blow dry

Whether for a special occasion or just to treat yourself, we can offer your hair a blow dry that will leave a lasting impression. If this is something new, you will be amazed will be amazed at the difference a professional blow dry makes to your whole look. If you have a regular blow dry you will find that here at Green Dew, we have the knowledge and experience to give your hair a blow dry that makes you look like you stepped from the centre of a magazine!

Hair Rebonding

Want to transform your unruly curls into straight sleek hair? At Green Dew, we are confident we offer the best ladies hair rebonding services in Al Nahda, Dubai. We will create the straight hair you have been wanting. We will create the straight hair you have been wanting.

Using the best quality products our professionally trained salon staff will expertly apply relaxants that restructure each individual hair, creating permanently smooth straight hair.

Using straightening irons and a conditioning treatment to complete this process, your rebonded hair will be transformed, straight, shining, manageable and healthy.

Hair Smoothing

Battle the frizz with a professional hair smoothing treatment. If you are looking for a smooth, sleek hair result but don’t want to commit to permanent hair straightening, a hair smoothing treatment could be the answer.

At Green Dew, we use the best quality products to intensively treat your hair, smoothing, relaxing and treating your hair to achieve a lasting, beautifully sleek result that is full of healthy body.

Hair Perming

To add interest and bounce to limp or thin hair, a perm can be a great option.

Hair perming can completely change your look and can be done quickly and easily at Green Dew. We only use the finest quality products to chemically alter the structure of your hair and create beautiful, bouncing curls without sacrificing anything in the condition of the hair.

With our professional staff you choose the exact tightness of the curl and whether you want a full head of curls or just a few sections. Following your hair perm you will leave our salon amazed at the result this simple treatment can make.

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

Keratin is a natural protein that is found in your hair and a keratin treatment is the latest in hair straightening advancements. This intensive treatment works without breaking the natural bonds of the hair, but penetrates deep inside each hair shaft nourishing, smoothing and strengthening.

The results are long lasting, and the hair remains straight for up to two and a half months. There is no upkeep and an additional benefit is reduced hair blowing time.

At Green Dew, we have professional beauty therapists who are experienced in using advanced keratin treatments and can confidently offer you the best keratin hair straightening service in Dubai.

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